Welcome to virtualBlue! We are the most realistic virtual airline in the Infinite Flight community. Our mission is to strive for realism within the Infinite Flight Application and we hold our pilots accountable to perform at the highest level of detail, professionalism, and accuracy to real world flight patterns. 

Disclaimer: virtualBlue is a virtual airline for jetBlue flight simulation enthusiasts on the Infinite Flight platform. We are not supported by jetBlue or any of their affiliates. For entertainment only. 


We Strive To Be Better

virtualBlue performs real world flight plans with the use of mobile applications like IF-Ops, IF-Assist, simBrief, FPLtoIF, Flight Aware, and more!

We mentor our pilots with our virtualBlue University training program and veteran pilots are always available to mentor and guide the virtualBlue method. 

Why Choose virtualBlue?



virtualBlue is consistent with utlizing real world flight patterns with charts and procedures. We fly as close to real as possible. 


We Are Always Improving

We are consistently striving to be the best virtual airline within our control. As we improve, we increase the competency of our pilots and those of Infinite Flight. 


We Are Passionate

It it were not for our passionate pilots, our virtual airline would not be what it is. The experience of flying with virtualBlue is like no other on any virtual mobile platform.